Marula Hill

Marula Hill Travel (Pty) Ltd,  Registration Number: 2019/ 092872 / 07

All quotations and bookings made with Marula Hill Travel (Pty) Ltd(“we” / “us”) are subject to the following Terms & Conditions, which will form the basis of the contract between the client


(“you” / “the client”) and us (collectively referred to as the “parties”)



Deposits and Securing Your Booking

  • Accommodation and other ground products require a 50% deposit on confirmation of booking.
  • Failure to make the required deposit on or before due date will result in automatic cancellation of provisional booking.
  • Additional deposits may be required for peak season travel and specialist products. All deposits are non-refundable.
  • Outstanding balance is due no less than 8 weeks (60 days) prior to travel.
  • If a booking is made less than 8 weeks (60 days) prior to travel, the full 100% cost of the total booking price will be required on confirmation of booking.  Failure to make the required payment on or before the due date, will result in automatic cancellation of booking.
  • Flights: 100% payment is required upfront as air tickets have to be issued immediately on reservation.
  • A copy of passenger’s passport/s is required as airlines require the full names of passengers as printed on the passport/s and will not accept changes once tickets are issued. We will not accept responsibility for incorrect passport numbers or incorrect spelling of full names.
  • Full documentation will only be released on final payment. It is imperative that you check all documentation on receipt and are satisfied with content.
  • When one person makes a booking on behalf of a group, this person is binding all persons in the group to our booking terms and conditions.



Prices and Payments

  • All prices quoted by Marula Hill Travel are ‘cash discounted’. Payment is required by EFT, (bank transfer). In the case of an overseas bank transfer an administration fee of R 400 per payment will be charged.
  • All quotations and confirmations generated by us are based on external suppliers costs such as and not excluding all / any other…. accommodation, airfares, airport taxes, fuel surcharges, car hire, park fees, gate fees, currency fluctuations and other factors beyond our control.  These suppliers costs are subject to change and currency fluctuations until final payment has been received.  Air travel tickets and airport taxes are subject to change until they have been issued.
  • It is imperative that the client checks there has been no changes in price, prior to making final payment.  Changes in costs are for client’s account.
  • If you are quoted in Foreign currency, your quotation will be converted into South African Rands prior to the transaction being processed due to Foreign Exchange regulations by the South African Reserve Bank. The Rate of Exchange on the day that the transaction is processed will be used to determine the equivalent Rand amount.  Any foreign exchange differences in between receiving invoice and payment are for the client’s account.  All bank fees/ charges are for the client’s account.
  • When making payments by Bank Transfer, please instruct your banker that the amount reflecting on your invoice must equal the funds clearing into Marula Hill Travel (Pty) Ltd bank account and all bank charges are paid by you / for your account.



Cancellations and Refunds

  • All cancellations must be made by the client in writing, please retain acknowledgement of receipt from us.  Cancelled bookings whether part or full must adhere to the following cancellation fees.
  • 60 days (8 weeks) or more prior to departure, you will forfeit the non-refundable deposit/s paid by you.
  • 60 days (8 weeks) or less prior to departure, you will liable for 100% of the total booking price.
  • In occasional circumstances, if we are able to obtain a waiver of cancellation fees or a refund from any of our suppliers, we will refund these amounts less our administration fees to you.
  • In the unlikely event of us not being able to confirm services quoted after deposit is received, alternate available travel services will be offered.  Should these alternative available travel services not be acceptable to you, we will provide a full refund for these services.
  • We will make every effort to ensure delivery of services in the confirmed itinerary, however, we reserve the right to cancel services where unavoidable due to circumstances beyond our control.  In such an event we will work with suppliers to provide a refund on the cancelled service/s only.
  • We will make every effort to avoid a misquotation, however, we reserve the right to cancel a reservation without liability or penalty if an obvious error or omission leads to a material cost implication.
  • No refunds will be given by us for partly used vouchers or no shows.



Changes to Bookings

  • You will be required to pay any additional charges arising from booking changes whether voluntary or involuntary including:
  • All costs and fees resulting from changes requested by you.
  • All costs and fees resulting from necessary changes caused by airline schedule change/s, airport / airline strike or any other “Acts of God” (e.g riots, virus pandemic or epidemics, war, strikes, civil disruption, terrorist activities, natural or nuclear disaster, weather, fire or any other circumstances beyond the control of the parties).
  • We will make every effort to adhere to the confirmed itinerary. Where involuntary changes are significant such as accommodation, transportation, we will make every effort to provide reasonable alternative at minimal or no extra cost, subject to the terms & conditions of the third party supplier/s.
  • Where you have declined a reasonable alternative or where not available, we shall provide a refund on the service/s subject to the terms & conditions of the relevant suppliers and/or assist you to identify alternative services, costs for your account.  We will use our best endeavours to accommodate any voluntary changes requested by you, however, in addition to the additional costs arising from this change, including those charged by the relevant supplier/s, we reserve the right to charge cancellation fees (referred to above) as well as an administration fee per person per amended booking.



Third Party Suppliers Terms and Conditions

  • All travel deals, discounted rates and third party goods or services (including accommodation, transfers, flights, car hire, tour guides services & more) advertised on our website or included in your quotation are governed by the separate terms and conditions of the relevant supplier/s of the goods or services.  It is the client’s responsibility to obtain and review each of these terms & conditions as you will be bound by them.



Flight Rules

  • All airlines require the full names of passengers as stated in their passport/s.
  • It is the responsibility of the travelling passenger/s to check and correct any error/s in respect of flight reservation/s which appear on the quotation or booking form, we accept no liability for incorrect details provided by you to us.
  • Airfares are only guaranteed once final payment has been received and the air ticket has been issued.  If an airline levies additional fuel charges or increased airport taxes at any stage prior to your flight, such increases will be for your account and shall be payable to us or to the airline if instructed to do so.
  • We will provide you with an e-ticket reference number together with a full itinerary once the air ticket/s has been fully paid.
  • Any changes or cancellations to issued tickets will be subject to the relevant airline’s terms and conditions applicable to that fare type.  Should a refund be granted by the relevant airline (it may be subject to delay), we will only be obliged to refund any amounts owing once it is received from the relevant airline.
  • You must confirm all onward and return flights with the relevant airline at least 72 hours prior to flight departure.
  • Seating and meal requests depend on each airline’s rules & regulations.  We cannot guarantee your request, but will do our best to assist.
  • Baggage & Personal belonging are the passenger/s responsibility at all times.  We will not accept liability for mislaid, loss or damage to your baggage or personal effects.
  • Unused air tickets over one year old from date of issue are considered to be expired. All airlines have their own Terms & Conditions and should be contacted directly.



Baggage Rules

  • Baggage regulations for airlines and charter companies must be strictly adhered to; failure to do so may result in extra baggage costs, transfer costs or delays.
  • Charter and light aircraft flights have strict and specific regulations which include, but not limited to, weight, structure and shape, please adhere to them.



Passport & Visas

  • It is strictly the onus on each passenger to ensure you have the necessary travel documentation (permits/ visas)  for each country you are entering, transiting or visiting.
  • Passport/s must be valid for the prescribed period contained in the applicable regulations of the countries you will be entering, transiting and/ or visiting.  A minimum of 12 months validity after your date of travel is recommended.
  • Passport/s must have sufficient blank visa/permit pages available in accordance with the regulations of the countries you are visiting.  A minimum of 2 adjacent blank pages (left & right) per country to be entered, transited or visited is recommended, the more the better. If there is insufficient space in the passport for visas/permits, passengers may be denied boarding at origin or denied entry into the country and risk deportation.  All passport holders should verify with their consulates regarding visas/permit requirements.
  • If you are travelling alone with minor children under 18 years, you will require a Certified (by police) “Letter of Consent”from the absent parent/s stating that the child/ children are allowed to travel with you.  It is also advisable to have an ‘unabridged’ birth certificate for each minor child in case it is required / requested on entering an African Country. Each person must have a valid passport.



Inoculation Immunisation and Medication

  • It is the responsibility of the each passenger to ensure that regulations for immunisation, inoculation and medication for entry into the countries you are visiting / transiting/ exiting are met and that you are medically fit to travel.  Please consult your personal doctor regarding this.



Travel Insurance

  • Comprehensive Travel insurance is a must when travelling to African Countries.  It is strongly recommended that you purchase Travel Insurance for all eventualities at the time of booking, please consult your Insurance Broker regarding this.   If you fail to have the necessary Travel Insurance, you acknowledge that you will be liable / responsible for all costs arising from any cancellations, re-routing, rescheduling of your trip, evacuation, repatriation or any emergency (medical or other) that may arise during your travels. In the event of you failing to purchase adequate travel insurance cover, you specifically agree that you will not hold Marula Hill Travel (Pty) Ltd responsible for any harm, loss or otherwise that you may suffer before, during or after your trip.



Waiver, Indemnity and liability

  • All vouchers, receipts and tickets issued by Marula Hill Travel (Pty) Ltd to you are subject to the relevant supplier’s terms and conditions.
  • Participation in any tour of travel package arranged by us and provided by any of our suppliers (including but not limited to transportation to or from any venue) is undertaken at your own risk.
  • You indemnify Marula Hill Travel (Pty) Ltd, its directors, employees, assignees and/or agents against any claim arising for any damages or loss which might be instituted against it arising from or connection with the services contemplated in these terms and conditions.
  • The client, his/her heirs, dependants, agents, executors or their assignees hereby irrevocably waive any claim/s which they may have against us for any form of compensation for damages which they may suffer due to injury and /or loss of any nature whatsoever, which includes accidents caused by the client’s own actions, injuries or death while on the tour, in a transportation vehicle or at any place during the tour or illness or death at any time after the tour.
  • We act solely in the capacity of an agent for third parties and, as such, we hold ourselves free of responsibility or liability for any delays, loss or damages from any cause whatsoever including loss/delay/damages/dissatisfaction caused by a third party products and services.  We shall be exempt from all liability in respect of any claim whatsoever as aforesaid, the client acknowledging that, in the case of a defective product, it is unreasonable to expect us to have discovered the product failure having regard to our role in arranging access to the third party products and services on your behalf.



Complaints and disputes

  • Any complaints should be telephonically reported to us immediately at the time of the incident and should be followed up in writing via e-mail marked attention of the owners, later than 30 days after the incident has occurred.
  • We will acknowledge your complaint and endeavour to investigate it with the relevant service provider within a 30 day period and provide written feedback.
  • We will make every effort to assist in the resolution of the complaint, but cannot guarantee the satisfactory resolution of complaint/s for services and products outside our control and for which we were not responsible.



Intellectual Property

  • All content on our website and phone application including logos, trademarks, design, text, layout are our Intellectual Property and protected by law.




  • We will take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information.
  • You authorise us to electronically record and store information for the purposes of communicating information requested by you and in order to provide you with access to restricted pages on our website and related websites ; full name, surname, contact details and travel information.




  • No amendments, addition or consensual cancellation of this agreement will be binding unless recorded in writing.
  • These terms and conditions together with the quotation and booking form contain all the terms and conditions of the agreement between you and us.  Make sure that everything you have agreed to has been recorded in this agreement. If there is any conflict between the provisions of these documents, the provisions of the booking form/confirmation will prevail.
  • If any provision of this agreement is found by a court of law to be invalid or void, such provision will be severed from the remaining provisions, without affecting the remainder of the agreement.
  • Neither party shall lose any of it’s rights under this agreement if it does not immediately and in every instance insist on them.
  • This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa and shall be enforced by the courts within the Republic of South Africa
  • You consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates’ Court, notwithstanding the fact that the amount involved may exceed the jurisdiction of the Magistrates’ Court
  • If we have to bring legal proceedings against you to enforce payments of amounts owed to us, you shall be responsible to pay all costs incurred by us in collecting the payment.
  • You shall not be entitled to cede any of your rights or assign any of your obligations under this agreement.
  • If we are prevented from carrying out all or any of the obligations under this agreement because of an event beyond our control, we shall be relieved of our obligations under the agreement during the period that such event and its consequences continue, but only to the extent so prevented, and we shall not be liable for any delay or failure in the performance of any such obligations or loss or damages which you may suffer due to such delay or failure.


Please read any updated / amended versions of this agreement that may be issued from time to time and raise any queries that you may have.